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Thread: little question ive pondered..

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    Quote Originally Posted by wizardPC
    see what I mean?

    TTB = twin traction beam

    Did the Enterprise have that, or did it only have a single. I'm sure Voyager had a twin though.

    can anyone confirm that for me?

    sits patiently waiting for the search buttons to fly


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    Quote Originally Posted by joshthepilot
    Please excuse those morons who would rather waste their time to post a comment about how you need to search. If they are so smart, why do they not have a template that they (CUT AND PASTE) to everyone who doesn't search??? Well they are idiots hence why they don't answer your questions with anything more than "Custom tailored" search complaints.
    Excellent point, man.
    Quote Originally Posted by sansoo24
    I actually like doing research and therefore would just like people to send me to one of their favorite sites that covers my question. Not all of us have the same sites bookmarked. And with the wealth of pure useless **** you find on GOOGLE its a lot easier for someone on here to send you to a good place to conduct your research. How hard could it be to post a link rather than post those stupid search icons?
    And how much harder would that be than the custom inflammatory paragraphs?
    I really like the idea though (from another thread I think) of giving a statement in large bold font either at forum signup or at the new thread screen recommending searching the forums for relevent info before posting. I did this anyway, before i signed up, and saw the many signs and got the point, as I'd imagine many others do. But the disclaimer would hopefully weed out the unsuspecting fools who would like to know what they need to put a computer in their car without having to leave the comfort of their own thread. sorry to rant.
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    Im thinking laptop...

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