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Thread: Noob says hi!

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    Just to clearfy, I am not pushing for ITPS and pw70.
    Since you bought them already, you can still use them. Those have some limitations.
    You can go ahead and build your carputer with ITPS, then replace them with OPUS later.

    Good luck.

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    guys - thanks for the advice and honesty

    I don't expect to get it right first time but half the fun is in the journey.

    Can I ask where you've bought the stuff from? I can recommend and
    I've purchased the xenarc & PSU system from David at pcmediastore - he gave me a good deal for the package

    Yeah, I have most of my stuff in the double din space.
    Only thing to watch out is air flow. It tends not get enough air back there.
    the MR2 has air vents immediately above the DIN slots so I may be able to use this....

    Oh, and he's got an Anglia too! However his has Subaru 1800cc + 4x4 running gear!
    What can I say - awesome!
    Remind me not to take on any Anglias at the lights


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