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Thread: BMW E46 Owners with DSP systems and no HU

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    1 can i tell if i have dsp audio in my bmw

    i have bmw 325i 2002 and i don't know if i have dsp or not
    pls help

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    this thread is about 2 years old!

    on my E39 (5 series) it's would be in the back, where the CD changer is. Do you have a button that says DSP at the front?

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    Quote Originally Posted by edrock200 View Post
    How did you wire it? I've been told by a few that it will be a pain in the *** to use any existing equipment because of the custom speaker and amp wiring...most suggest replacing all speakers, running new wire, and buying an amp.

    I'd like to eventually replace my HU with a carputer but before I do so I want to make sure theres not an easier way to use the existing speakers...anyone have a wiring schematic or information on this?

    that's really hard to see there's DSP in a BMW E46

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    this is interesting i just did a radio in a bmw m5 with dsp and it was a pain , isnt there a 3rd plug? it's a 3 channel system

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