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    I honestly don't know what this would eb called,oreven if a car as old as mine (1992) will be able to have something like this. I want to have a few buttons on my computer that when pressed, will open my windows, unlock the doors, stuff like that. Possible? Do you need to buy some kind of special order hardware, or is it all done through simple wiring?

    Are there any *FREE/CHEAP* programs that I can get to control these different things? Thanks ahead of time.


    Btw, I ed but I only found something from (sorry but I forgot your username) the foreign exchange student with the white Saturn.
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    search serial or parralell relay cards
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    ok, I read about 5 posts. While reading them I found this "Parallel Port Relay Board", link. Now what I *THINK* I read was that this relay board needs to plug into a parallel card, and the board needs to plug into a relay, and then download some sort of software.

    However, I realy don't know what the hell is going on. I have a 1992 Camaro RS and I still don't know if my car is 'new' enough to have all these types of things.

    Any DIRECT help (regarding 3rd gen camaros) will be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks ahead of time.
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