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Thread: New Guy here Need help!!! Carputer in the making!!

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    New Guy here Need help!!! Carputer in the making!!

    okay so i need all the help i can get, i have been on here reading every night for about a week. i wanted to buy this computer
    i know about computers but i have no time to start and build one from scratch specially the case.

    i was thinking about using a power inverter but i dont want it to reboot everytime i turn the car on. one very important thing that i havent seen answered and it is so everytime i shut down the car like going to the store and i get back in i gotta wait for the comp to turn on again?? or can i put it on standby or something??? so i was reading about the opus and it was kinda pricey my real questions is if i get a strong enough power inverter will it do the same thing as the opus?? and not let the comp reboot during start up.

    also i'm gonna buy the lilliput monitor i;ve read those are the best for the price.
    need help putting up my carputer!!!! help me out guys and please be kind to the newbiee

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    I guess thats a good deal on the computer. However, had you ed. Then you would have found a crapload of information on the OPUS. Which, for a newbie, will automatically turn your computer off, or put it into standby, after you turn off your car. As for Lilliput being the best, that point is debatable.
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