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Thread: Installing car pc in e46 M3

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    Installing car pc in e46 M3

    Hello all,
    I have never installed i car pc in a car before and am a complete newb, and plan on intalling a system in my dads 04 M3. The first thing im trying to figure out is where to put the touch screen. It has the factory nav unit, and im thinking it may be best not to replace the unit, because of all that it controls. I was thinking about possibly putting it under the unit but am worried about relocating all of the buttons that are there now. I will be building the pc my self. I am looking to make this istall as basic and easy as possible because it is my first install, and i am hoping you will have some input as to where to put it, and any reccomendations on what equipment to use would be great. All imput would be greatily appriciated.


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    ahve you searched around? This install is one of may favourites: 2003 BMW M3 Custom Dash / Overhead Console for install pics (although his excellent screen install is useless for you as you dont want to replace the stock nav). As for the PC hardware you pretty much have four options: Epia ITX, Small/Mini/Micro (etc) ATX, laptop or full PC stuck in your boot (the most basic). Have a good read through the completed projects and look at the online store for price guides etc to work out what you want. There are loads of 3-series beemers on this forum, maybe look at the convertable installs as they might have removable screens etc. Also have you ever built a PC before? The epias are generally powerful enought for most people and are very easy to build with the CPU, video and graphics already there for you adn they are tiny. Welcome and good luck

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