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Thread: lilliput 7" in dash

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    Smile lilliput 7" in dash

    Hello everybody:

    Im from spain, im thinkin in use my flat broken laptop as a CARPC, im watching the screen, i think the more used is the lilliput, and i heard good things about this screen.

    The first that i must do, is know if my 00 miata, can support the screen in the dashboard...

    i want to put it in the place of the radio and in the place of the cassette

    this is a interior similar to mine
    i would put the screen in the place of this 2 pieces, the size is 2 DIN, but the question is this, would i put the screen there in?


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    If it is double din then a lilliput will be slightly too big, it is usually necessary to remove the screen from the housing and make a custom mount for it. Instead of doing this I purchased an in-dash screen from digitalww ( which takes up a single din slot and slides in and out of its enclosure.

    Hope this is useful, it is difficult to understand your english.

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