so. here is my setup: (SORRY FOR THE LONG, errr. . VERY LONG POST )

~6-cd accord head unit, sonyhonda aux-in adapter (kinda like soundgate)
~carputer-nehemiah m10000, 40g 5400, 512ddr,slim dvd rom, pw-120, ITPS
~bluetooth, wifi-b, gyration kb/mice, gps rcvr, 7" lilliput
~pyramid amp (temporary), 12" type-r sub

so. my plan is the lcd on the storage area below the stock deck, and the comp and stuff behind the lcd. (except for the cd-rom, im still thinking of where to put it, maybe in the glove compartment)

anywho, i think (correct me if im wrong), the carputer (mobo, peripherals) wont cause too much heat. i think the heat will come from ITPS. is this doable? (the behind the lcd in dash thing)

now, since the on-board audio can emulate a sub output, the carputer will be connecting to the receiver and then the sub.

~LCD would be connected using the cigarette lighter inside the middle compartment between the two front seats (yea yea, im a fob hahahaha)

~ITPS (ground+red inputs) connected to ground and switched (red) wire of the dash cigarette lighter wiring.

~where do i connect the ITPS white unswitched wire (im currently looking for the alarm wiring. ANYONE KNOW WHERE IT IS?)

~where do i connect the amp's remote wire??

~lastly how do i ground this carputer, amp, lcd.

thanks in advance.