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Thread: Peterbilt Install

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    Peterbilt Install

    Hello folks, new to the group, but really like the tech ideas. I have a 2004 Peterbilt that I want to put a computer in. I was thinking of a floor mounted full sized 500 mhz win98 computer and running it by a laptop via VNC. Pretty much have the whole project thought out but for the power supply. I can either run a power adapter off the auxilary plugin, or direct wire it to one of the 3 batteries. Question: how much drain would that entail overnight? Over the weekend? I'd like to leave the main computer running 24/7 Any ideas? Feedback?

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    why do you want to have both computers running?
    wouldn't the laptop be able to do everything that the win98 machine could do? and vide versa?
    Or why not just hook up a screen to the desktop machine?
    Im not really familiar with the inside of a cab, but i would figure you would be able to hook up a screen.

    I'm not sure you would be able to run the machine 24/7 how many amp hours do your batteries hold? what other things would you have in the computer, ie hard drive,dvd,gps, etc?
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    I have a 94 Freightliner with 4 batteries (3 starters, 1 aux-powers everything else) and I've left my laptop on all night before-runs off the one battery- and it was fine (started right up). I think a full sized CPU will draw too much. Are you going to power it with a 12v supply or an inverter-120v supply?

    If you have a small compartment somewhere a mini itx in a travla 137 or 138 case would draw less and might do everything you need. My setup in my truck is a Gateway 9300 PIII 850 hooked up to a docking station in the overhead compartment with a Datalux 10.4" touchscreen mounted just above the sun visor so it isn't blocking my view but I only have to look up a little to see it.

    Does your laptop not have alot of capacity and your going to use the full-sized as server?

    Your best bet would be an extra battery (deep cycle) that can be easily isolated from the rest (when your not running) so you don't draw down your starters. If not, buy a good set of jumper cables! I carry a good long set and a portable generator that puts out 120V and 12V. Those jumps can be expensive!

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    Thanks guys, all good ideas. My Pete has a gravel box on it, just a day cab, not much room. The laptop is old, small and has no sound system. I just planned on using it to run the main box. I think the extra battery idea is the best so far.
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    Wow, thats an amzing truck. Wish we had trucks like that in the uk!!!

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    The only problem I had running vnc connection was that the video was slow, so you could prob rule out dvds, also it might cause a prob with navigation...
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    Thanks very much. I'm very proud of it too. Tough keeping it shiny off road, but its worth the work.

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    Im using an aux baattery (optima yellow top) with a battery isolator from TruePower. If you set the computer to hibernate when not in use, it wont draw hardly any power and the battery will last for days without a charge. Plus with the battery isolator, if you do happen to drain the aux, thye starter wont be affected. BUt if I were you, Id forget the laptop and mounta screen somewhere. As far as the main comp, I bought a Dell with a Celeron 2.4 off their website for $325 delivered. Can't beat that price for a new comp.
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