Ive been looking, researching about building a carpc for a while now, and ive gained further interest since the threads on the www.ffoc.com forums. The only thing that put me off was thinking that i would need a keyboard to use it .
Anyway i thought ill have a look and start with the feature that i want the most, so i got a gps receiver and read somewhere that infomap navigator was a good app. So i bought this and even though its easy to use and did the job well it needed a keyboard.

Today i was searching around and i came across this website and i found the Desinator Port by Ninja Monkey.
Well ive downloaded this (i will buy a legit copy ) and its exactly what i was looking for. Ive used it for a few hours now and its superb and my congrats go out to Ninja Monkey on this excellent port.

Anyway its running on my desktop pc at the mo, and when i try to click on the on-screen keyboard buttons (using a mouse, simulating me using the touch pad on the tft display), no chars are entered into the textbox. Have i done anything wrong?

Thanks loads for your help