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Thread: 1994 suzuki sidekick + Mini PC

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    1994 suzuki sidekick + Mini PC

    Ok... i dodnt know if i should put this in the miniatx section or not , but....

    I want to rip out the dashboard of my suzuki sidekick, re-organize the wires to look nice, rip out the carpet and rhinoline the floor. Next i want to paint the inside and outside pitch black with neon green highlights.

    Heres the hard part.....
    I will make a custom case for a mini Atx mobo, with integrated video and sound, run a 7" touch screen VGA monitor right above the steering wheel where the spedomiter was or where the radio was and set up some sort of sound system.

    Ok heres where i lost myself......
    The reason i want to put the monitor where the dashboard used to be is i want to read stats directly from the car computer and have serious samurize read out the values through motherboard monitor or something. my question is: What can i use to interface the major pc and the car pc? and how difficult would it be? The car is a 1994 suzuki sidekick. Is there a "master list" of cars that are compatable with odb-ii?

    Wifi access to mp3 collection
    Easier to organize sound
    more control over car information
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    Your sidekick is OBD1 (not 2)
    It don't know how to get the info. out of that. Try reading the OBD threads for more info there. Good Luck, E-Cig Mods
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    Hello Sidekick driver!!

    I have recently instaled my carputer in my 92 Suzuki Sidekick. I took out my old radio, clock and ashtray and i mounted monitor there.

    I think that if you change your dashboard with your monitor it will be hard to use touchscreen funtion.

    If you want to see how my system looks, i can send you some photos so that you will see if you like it.

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