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Thread: Question about this setup

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    Arrow Question about this setup

    Hi all,
    You guys have been awsome with the questions, here is another one.
    Would it be possible to take this computer:
    Chek this out and use a carnetix with it? If so...would I have to take out the current power supply in that computer to put in the carnetix? Also, is the carnetix enough to power this guy, I can't find the power specs for it.

    Thanks again

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    is the carnetix enough to power this guy
    It's impossible to tell from the picture or the specs they post. Ask the owner to look at the label on the AC/DC adapter and tell you what voltage it puts out and the current/power spec on it. If is says +12V at less than or equal to 5 amps you should be OK. I would guess it's probably a +19V/100W brick just form looking at it. If it is, the P1260 won't hack it.

    I can't find the power specs for it
    If you are talking about the CarNetix specs they are HERE
    Hope this helps!

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