Hi, I've just started gathering the parts for a media center car.

I have amps and speakers and I am currently looking for an audio receiver. I don't have a computer yet to add. That will have to come later.

I would apreciate any advice on a good receiver that meets the following criteria:

1. CD/MP3 AM/FM receiver

2. Cool looking

3. Lots of aux inputs for adding computer audio input

4. Ideally capable of a multi-channel input either through coax, optical or 4-rca plugs, so I can use use the Dobly and DTS outputs of the DVD decoder. I have 4 speakers as is, but I would consider adding a center speaker if it is supported.

5. Control for sirius and/or XM would be great. I intend to eventually get both,(I like Sirius but there is stuff on XM I want to get) so if there are any that can have both systems connected simultaniously that would be AWESOME

6. I have a second-hand kenwood MusicKeg. This is kinda redundant with my intention to add a computer, but if it supported musickeg that would be killer.

7. Balance, Fad

8. Excellent sound quality

Can anybody help me find a reciever that meets my needs and is not terribly expensive?