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Thread: Car Battery, Fuse and Multimeter Question

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    Car Battery, Fuse and Multimeter Question

    Hi All,
    I seem to be having a problem installing my DC-DC converter for my laptop.
    When I tried to connect my laptop, I managed to blow my 10A fuse.
    I decided to connect my multimeter up and check the voltages before and after the DC-DC converter, again it blew my 10A fuse.

    Can anyone help me with what is going on? Why do I keep on blowing my fuse?

    PS. This is my DC-DC converter (

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    checking the output voltage blows the fuse? I'd say you have a defective unit.

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    Make sure you're not using the amp range of the multimeter (or at least the amp jacks on the multimeter).
    Is it the fuse on the DC-DC converter that blows?

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