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Thread: Noob saying hi, project to start... suggestions welcome

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    Cool Noob saying hi, project to start... suggestions welcome


    I've bee reading the forums for a little over a year now and finally took the big step into doing my own system.

    I have a '99 Navy Blue Corvette Convertable. I want the instal to be stealth and oem looking so i will be molding a xenarc screen in the dash and building a custom case in the rear stoarage compartment.

    Here is what I have so far:
    Mach Speed Micro-ATX mobo
    Xenarc 7" touchscreen vga w/ vid input
    old 15 gig 3.5 inch hd (will upgrade later)
    sound blaster 5.1 live soundcard
    Phoenix Gold Titanium 4x75w stable to 1 ohm

    Here is what I will be getting in the comming week:
    opus 150 watt p/s
    JL audio 2 way components
    pioneer premier 12 sub
    wide ange reverse camera installed in the third brake light
    sprint pcs cell phone for web access.
    slot drive dvd player mounted below the monitor?

    So I need to figure out what amd xp proc I need and the ram that will go with the mobo as well as what gps mouse/antenna that I'll need.

    I was thinking about 256 mb of ram for now, It seems like this will be fine for my application.

    So any Ideas suggestions comments would be welcome and greatly appreciated.

    1999 Chevy Corvette Convertable
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    Eh, sounds good so far. Nice choice with the machspeed board. I can't believe those guys offer a lifetime warranty... hope you filled out your registration card. Anyway, these boards are made by a Tawainese company named Jetway, the same as my board manufacturer. Good choice. I love those guys.

    As far as your processor goes, what model of motherboard do you have??

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    Nice car I am a Ford boy thru and thru, but we just did a Procharger and headers on a 2000 a few weeks ago...very impressive car!

    It sounds like you have been reading up on this carpc stuff...we like newbies that read a lot If the mobo supports it, a mobile processor seems to be popular. For my system builds, 256mb is minimum, but very sufficient.
    2005 Ford Focus ST

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    i was just reading about the mobile procs I'm not sure that my mobo will support it though. I'm a bit on the ignorant side when it comes to computer components, the upside is that i work in a field that has 100's of computer gurus so I have a few guys eager to build the system with me.

    Here is the link to the mobo i purchased:

    Thanks guys for the quick feedback

    side note: cant say anything bad about the fords, my buddy has one from the 90's (not sure what generation it is) and it rips! Wait...I can say something bad about ford... they bought out mazda and stopped importing the RX-7!! (my last car)

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    I have a newb question about the power supply...

    I was planning on getting the 150w opus but i read the thread about the M1-ATX power supply (M1-atx??) and like the battery saver feature. Now this is a 90w psu so would it work with my setup:

    Here is what i ended up getting:
    Mach speed mobo -

    AMD Athlon 1.33 ghz proc

    512 mb ddr ram (1 stick)

    80 gb 7,200 rpm hd

    soundblaster 5.1 live soundcard:

    nu slim/slot dvd rom (could find the exact product but here is a similar one minus the dvd capability)

    I will also have a gps mouse a, wifi card and possibly a usb keyboard (probably wireless too)

    Will this psu work for me and how much would i be limited in the future (if i wanted to add xm or fm capability)

    Thanks in advance,


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