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Thread: Things I have

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    Things I have

    These are the things i have , what i want to know is what i will need for it to be a fully operable carputer.

    Shuttle XPC with built in wireless

    7inch lilliput screen
    Mini USB keyboard.
    160GB WD HD 7200 RPM
    512MB DDR400
    2.4ghz p4 533fsb
    Stock Shuttle PS
    onboard sound and video
    all the specs are on that link above

    The main thing i still dont understand yet is the power setup, i dont want to shutdown and start it up every time i go into the store for like 10 minutes, and I will be hooking this up to my amp, speakers and 1 12inch sub. Just wanting to get everything in about 2 weeks, so i can start fiberglassing a lot of my stuff. Thanks guys any help is much appreciated.

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    DC power supply, a few hours of spare time.. maybe an extra foot or twenty of various cables.

    ooh.. a dremmel and some bondo if you're gona 'in-dash' that lilli

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    got most of that, except the Dc power supply, any suggestions for the power supply and will that help me out with the start up and shutdown problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GHOSTWHISPER
    got most of that, except the Dc power supply, any suggestions for the power supply and will that help me out with the start up and shutdown problem?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarquePervert
    That's just what you need for you XPC. You just take out your XPC's power supply and swap in the OPUS DC-DC XPC power supply. It's specifically designed for the XPC.

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    might want to consider that for the auto startup/shutdown processes as well....


    sounds like a good start!!!

    be sure and post pics of everything as you do it! we like to see progress pics around here....well, at least I
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    Hi, if this is GHOSTWHISPER from, you might want to check out some of the Protege setups here and on the MSProtege board. I'm not using an Opus, But I'm pretty sure ddog_777 is and maybe Knubile too? Possibly some others too, but I can't remember them right offhand. Good luck
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    thanks man yeah its me, i have been looking around there too, some people are quite helpful, what are you using for it, i thought about just making my own, i mean i have done it before, all i need is the schematics for it and it wouldnt be that hard, i dont know I could spend the money but it is hard to justify me to spend 212 for something i could build for about $40. But I dont know, I know it wont be that hard to do everything, but i say that now. All probably get started putting it all together at the end of the week.

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    lol kate i was gonna say the same thing about checking the other p5's on the boards with carputer setups
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    traitorhound what did use for your shutdown controller, do you have any pics of your whole setup. Thanks

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