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Thread: First Post. Illumination Wire - Backlight?

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    Cool First Post. Illumination Wire - Backlight?

    First post. I have visited this forum off and on for the past few years, but I ran into a good deal on some hardware and now I am finally able to get to put a computer in my car.

    I am planning on using my stock radio wiring / stock amp. I was wondering if anyone had successfully used the illumination wire from the radio harness to alter the power of the backlight on a xenarc. It would be nice to adjust the backlight via the illumination wire. I believe the backlight is adjustable with the button on the front of it, but I want hte backlight to dim when the parking lights auto-on. Any ideas?

    Edit: I just found this topic in another thread. Sorry, but hello everyone.

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    Just use gamma control (search for it, its included in the latest version of NaviVoice).

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    yes, but its not the same. perhaps this is something i will i have to figure out myself. probably will require a simple circuit to actuate the lcd backlight button.

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    The backlight would have to be powered by a 12v source within the monitor. (Unless Xenarc went crazy and made things complicated)

    So you could take it off the power supply from the monitor's circuit board and wire it into the dashlight dimmer. At least I'd think that would work.

    Only problem then is that you'd have no backlight at all (bad thing) when the headlights were off.

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    just use a potentiometer on a 12v line and control it seperately...
    CarPC install is starting to come along again...

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