yes, im a newbie, but i cant get over the thought of havin a carputer so ive been following this forum for a few months now. cost is a big issue since i way overspent on my stereo, so im slowly collecting parts to build my first carputer. i dont have enough coin for a vga touchscreen now, so i figure i have to settle for character lcd. I got an older IBM laser printer for free, so i tore it apart to get the lcd out of it. not 100% sure, but looks like a 2x16 character display. it has a 14pin connector, no backlight. part no gb-1494v-0. i googled the number and got a vague reference that it is HD44780 compatible. i wired it up with an old printer cable goin by the schematic for the hitachi lcd, but in my stupidity i accidentally reversed polarity for the 5v and grnd (using a seperate pwr source- 7805 voltage regulator). 1-these lcds probably arent protected for this is it? 2-if the display is still good and i wire it up properly and hook power to it without the parallel cable plugged in, should i still get the black test blocks apear on the display? any help on this would be great, thanx