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Thread: two great options very interesting look inside!!

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    two great options very interesting look inside!!

    okay guys so i have to great options on how to go with my carputer maybe you guys can hlep me decide. first of all is the worlds smallest computer i currently have it listed on ebay cause i had decided with the second option but now i;m rethinking it
    second option is a dell small factor case(huge compared to the mini pc) but it packs a punch 2.2 P4 1gb of ram agp video card and tons of features. where the mini pc only has 1.2gh celeron 256mb ram but the power is thru a ac-dc brick so i dont know how to make it turn on and if with the ignition that is why i decided against it. any insight?? ideas or opinions all welcomed!!
    need help putting up my carputer!!!! help me out guys and please be kind to the newbiee

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    power either one of those computers with a power inverter

    turn on/off using a shutdown controller (search)

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    Dude powering that mini PC is soooo easy and so it the auto on/off.

    Have a search for PC and laptop shutdown/startup controllers and powersupplies.

    Power: YOur average laptop car supply is 12-19V at 70-90W so you can easily get a power supply to work. True you may have a crank issue but you can always build a small tank circuit using a wheelchair gel battery or build youself a power supply as you only need 1 voltage.

    Startup/shutdown: you have an on-off button don't you? well hook this up to a startup/shutdown contoller that will simuate a button press on ign on and the same on ign off or after a set time following ign off to allow you to nip to the shops etc. The shutdown controller will not send the pulse if you restart the car while it is already running. You then set it up so when the shutdown controller turns off PC it also kills the supply to the power supply unles you want to use standby of course in which case you set your pc to standby on button press but this will drain your battery.

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