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Thread: newbie with a few questions

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    newbie with a few questions

    hi guys i am new to the forum and just like to introduce myself and ask a few questions.

    i am about to a buy a car and instead of fitting exspensive stereo/satnav was considering car pc but dont know weather i have enough confidence to attempt it i have enough knowledge to build home pc with ease but a few articles i have read on car pc scare the live out of me mainly due power supply and issues i am not familar with like contecting carpc to external amps i find these a bit confusing any help would be greatly appreciated also is there any tutorials on the subject as i am finding it abit hard to find any



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    Just read up and learn about stuff. Most of us on here are in the same boat as you, we're pretty good with computers but we're not electronics experts, but if you read enough it's pretty easy to catch on to. I suggest reading up at places like about car audio installation and that should help you understand more and build up your confidence.

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