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Thread: CarPC outline (need some suggestions)

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    CarPC outline (need some suggestions)

    OK, Its me first post so go easy on me

    I'm getting a 2000 Civic Si soon and am looking to put a fairly cheap PC in for gps, mp3, and all the usual goodies. I'm pretty good with least from the software side, but I havent built a custom yet ::blushes:: so thats why I need your help.

    heres what I have

    vid card:
    sound card:

    I hope everythings compatible, hehe. I know I will have to buy a few more things here and there, but what do you think about these things? It totals to $381.27 so far.

    I will be using this w/ my sony hu (I will use the builtin amp..for now)

    you can see the specs here

    heres a general pic of the car

    And a pic of the console

    i will probably put my hu in the lower din like in the pic and use the double for the touch screen.

    Well, Thanks for reading this far . All comments (and criticism) are welcome.

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    I'm not even going to open the links, because the individual components don't relly matter. You seem to have everything you need, except a few things.

    Power. You need to power all those components. You will need to find out how much wattage all that stuff is going to be drawing.

    It's a minor detail, but you are also going to need a case. I'm sure you thought about that. But just checking.
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    oops, I forgot to put the case link up..but its a micro atx desktop

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