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Thread: Too good to be true??? please enlighten me...

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    Too good to be true??? please enlighten me...

    why does this seem like a "too good to be true" thing? is it? if not, any reason this couldn't/wouldn't make a good carpooter, other than some obvious things like power?

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    it'll work power is easy to sort out, get a DC/DC notebook power supply from the likes of or similiar
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    I noticed this...
    Hard Drive - 20gb (Upgradeable to a 40GB Hard drive)
    That's a little limiting considering an OS and application need to go on there besides media.

    I wonder what kind of power supply is in there.
    If there was a model number we could look up, that would be helpful.
    HP is a good brand and all but we need to know whats under the hood :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim97rs
    why does this seem like a "too good to be true" thing? is it? if not, any reason this couldn't/wouldn't make a good carpooter, other than some obvious things like power?
    Looks alright to me, but you can find nearly identical computers on ebay cheaper. Search for "small hp" and you will see them. The only difference between the auctions looks to be the 'carputer' branding plus manuals and software he is offering. I doubt he's got anything special, though. Probably just freeware stuff you could find here. He wants a few more $$$ for shipping as well.

    As for whether it will work, I still haven't actually installed a carputer, so I'm probably not the right person to answer. That said, I've been reading these forums a ton and can tell you that there are computers of every shape, size, and specs that are used successfully as carputers. I can't imagine that you are going to have to deal with any issues that any mini-itx user, for example, doesn't deal with (power, display, control, etc). To be clear, that computer is def. going to be bigger than a mini-itx setup, so that is certainly an issue, but it does look smaller than the typical micro-atx setup, though it may in fact be a micro-atx board.

    If you ask me, the other small HPs for sale on ebay look like really good deals to me, and if I hadn't already spent so much money on computers in the last few months, I'd probably pick one up.

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    I think this is the guy who ripped off some of the software that was posted here as freeware, and sold it as his own. I'm not sure, but that name seems really really familiar.

    If it is the same guy, he's bad news. Steer clear.
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    * Ram - 256mb (Not Upgradeable Beyond 256mb)
    * Hard Drive - 20gb (Upgradeable to a 40GB Hard drive)
    * 1 Monitor Port
    * NO Operating System Installed
    Seing how there is no monitor, no OS and a small HD, I am very not impressed...

    particularly that you cannot put more ram...

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    I actually use one of these for a carputer and it works great, but you can get it for cheaper. I picked mine up for $50 it's just a HP E-PC. I upgraded mine to 512MB ram and I put in a 120gb hard drive. the only downside is that they dont have a option in the bios to power on when power is applied so you have to either build a auto power-on circuit or use a shutdown controller.
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    Check out this thread: Could I use this for a Carputer?!?!

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    Perused the morons site.
    He wants people to refer others to his site and purchase an official mouse for $90. Get 10 people to buy his overpriced piece of **** branded mouse and you get a FREE CarPC.

    What a joke.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    night rider i think that's what nighthunter sold under isn't it? Search for him.. oh ya that's probably all starred out, night*hunter.

    edit:: oh ya and nighthunter got banned a while back for some deals gone bad i think.
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