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Thread: CarPC in Jeep Cherokee

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    Quote Originally Posted by Distorted_Axis

    2.) here. is another install. This person took slightly different approach. Also choosing to loose the center vents, but keeping the headunit intact and bulding in a ďpull-outĒ touch screen. (Iím personally not to fond of this install -- but hey, it works. )
    OH GOD!!!!
    that's one of the most hideous things I think I have seen!

    Sorry if that person is on here....but DAMN!
    Jan Bennett
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    thanks all of you for your replies. knubile, i have yet to actually remove the stock stereo, so i don't know how much space is back there. probably not enough to install the computer, but it's possible. i'm having to hold off the project for a while, mainly because the jeep is not my car. my car is an old crappy '94 ford windstar, but my dad recently got hit while driving it. we don't know if it's totaled yet. since it's only worth around $2000, it's likely that it is totaled. if so, the jeep will probably become mine and my parents will get a new(er) van. if not, we'll only fix enough to keep my van drivable, and then i'd have to do the installation in it. i'm not planning as much for this, because i'm hoping the van is totaled

    Red GTi VR6, i agree. they could have at least made it a little...cleaner?
    also, i love your install. just beautiful. i've been following that thread for near a week, it's quite impressive. glad to see someone who loves their work as much as you.

    thanks again for all the ideas and help. i'll post an update soon, when i find out what's going to happen. sorry for the long-ish post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Distorted_Axis
    You and I are in the same boat. Iím attempting to do the same thing. Iíve been researching this a lot in my spare time. In my recent on and around these boards I've managed to come across these links. Hope these help you.

    1.) this is my favorite install here. Looks like this person decided to lose the center vents along with the factory radio. In their place a very well done (I must say) custom made fiberglass / bondo LCD bezel. (this is what Iím hoping to duplicate with an 8 inch TS LCD.)
    Just FYI.. #1 is me.. =) Hardware hacking articles

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    I think, unfortunatly, for a regular Cherokee, I may have to go the route of a gooseneck coming off the change tray on the bottom. Maybe even take out the ashtray (below the center vent) and bolt a smaller gooseneck or something. I really really don't want to loose my HU, HVAC controls, nor the only center vent. *sigh*

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