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Thread: Need help with configuration!!

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    Need help with configuration!!

    Hi guys, OK this is what i've done so far:Install mediacar, destinator3 PPC with map, download MM, replace original dll file with DestDLL.dll in c:destinatorapps\destinator but no dll file, so i go to c:destinatorapps\install\console and replace the dll file for destdll.dll
    start MM config and enable advance plug in.. then mediacar GPS settings: GPS software=External, Mappoint version=None, Path=c:destinatorapps\map monkey\map monkey.exe, run embedded=checked, window search time=10, additional window search string=map monkey..

    when i lunch mediacar and click gps this is what i get: error number:0 , mdeiacar.frm_external_GPS.form_activation..

    what do i need to do to resolve this...



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    Better post in MediaCar forum.

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    Have a look at Road Runner, MediaCar is pretty much dead and RR is the 'replacement'
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