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Thread: dvd fullscreen: last obstical

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    dvd fullscreen: last obstical

    I am down to my last bug in my system to work out and haven't had much luck. Yes, I have & I have and I even and I am still not finding the right answer for me. Maybe it is because I am so clueless on this and it is an obvious fix I don't know but I could sure use your help.

    I have powerdvd 6 installed as my only dvd decoder codec and I have both centrafuse and frodoplayer installed while I test each one. Both have give me the same dvd playback at fullscreen problem. The problem is that there is a 1/2 inch border around the whole picture. I went into the powerdvd settings and attempted to play around with various settings to try to get it to play full screen 16X9 and I can get it to work there. I have also checked through the settings in WMP 10 and it works fine there too. But when I play a dvd through either frodo or cent the same 1/2 Inch border around the movie is there. I tried using the advanced settings under frodo but that didn't work.
    I am running at 800x480 if that makes a difference on a Xenarc 7" screen using nvidia nforce2 chipset board and powerstrip.

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    Are you sure that your PowerDVD software supports that resolution. Its an odd resolution to other programs I have seen. It might not like that. Move your resolution to 800x600 and see if that helps.
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    If you can't find anything in the Frodoplayer forums, you might be best posting in there and asking... I can't see anything obvious if works fine at that res in WMP/PDVD
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