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Thread: Laptop Carputer

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    Laptop Carputer

    I tried searching the forums for this but didn't find anything, so I'll post it.

    I saw someone in the 'Show Off Your Project' section used a laptop with the screen detached for their carputer. I might have to go with this because the seats in my Dodge Dakota Quad Cab aren't high enough off the ground to fit a computer in, the only option I had debated was putting it under the glove compartment on the passenger side but I don't even know if I have enough room there either. Do you guys think this is a good/bad idea or any ways of actually accomplishing this task?

    I figured since a lot of people I know use their laptops in their cars for work and what not that I could just get an inverter that goes in through the cigarette lighter and then just yank the chord when I get out of the card and then plug it in when I wanna go again. I keep reading everywhere that using the cigarette lighter is a bad idea but it's always been in context with a PC and not a laptop.

    My apologies if the answer to this is blatently obvious. I spent all day reading the forums yesterday and have now got the motivation to get moving on a project of my own. Thanks for any help you can give me in advance.

    Also if anybody has done a Dakota could you please post some pics???

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    I found a thread on it already, sorry about the post.

    Feel free to respond if you really want to.

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    Just in case someone else wants to know...

    Use a laptop regulator (search ebay for laptop car) saves using an invertor, saves lots of power, much neater.

    Also cig lighter on newer cars is usually OK... But on older cars the wire can be thin and of course old so be careful with anything that uses a lot of current, computers included.
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