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Thread: I made a cheap nasty car PC - what you think

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    Jefferson, AR U.S.A
    I had a problem with my cell phone mount that I was using
    for my lcd - I thought about how it was sitting, and the
    way it was sitting, it was just about a inch lower than I need
    - I would raise it up and drive - but I hit a bad spot in the road
    and it would drop down a inch again - I looked in the house for
    some thing to put under the LCD to keep it propped up
    - yea I am lazy and cheap - I looked at wood - metal - and
    plastic - I got the idea that a spray can cap, cut down to a inch
    tall, would work well - LOL it does - when the LCD is setting
    on it its at the right hight - I am still using the cell phone mount
    but the spray cap keeps it from slipping down to far

    On top of that, the cell phone mount allows the LCD to
    face the under side of the dash - all you would see
    from outside the car is that thick black cable running to the
    monitor going under the dash - so I can hide the LCD

    have a look
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    Jefferson, AR U.S.A
    My Car PC has been in the works for over a year. I still haven't put the damn thing in. Running into issues with my TV out on my vid card not working with my monitor. Congrats on putting yours up.
    I may later set up a second monitor - use a sony PS1 LCD screen
    in the back seat - My motherboard only has PCI slots so I will
    get like a PCI Nvidia or ATI video card vith tv out
    and just go with that, and its cheap

    Thanks for all the Complements and praise every one !!!

    When I get it more refined I will post in "Show off your project "
    - I need to do a lot before then - but I think it looks ok now

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    You said you replace the flourecent lamp in the datalux...where did you get the replacement? what was it?

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