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Thread: SUV Wiring Accessories Questions

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    Question SUV Wiring Accessories Questions


    First post after lurking for a few months.

    I live in a remote location--virtually everything has to be ordered in. I am trying to make sure I have everything I need before I start the install.

    Here's the scoop:

    MOBO (PCI sound) & 4ch Amp in rear of SUV
    Plan to use four 6x8 speakers (2 front, 2 rear)
    OPUS 150w
    Xenarc 7" in dash
    USB Hub & USB DVD drive in dash

    My questions are basically wiring need related:

    Based on the get up I listed, what wiring (amp, USB, PSU, Xenarc) needs should I plan for?

    Does the Opus come with long enough battery cording?

    What types of cording should plan for in order to wire the Xenarc and the DVD drive to the Opus?

    Account for any necessary inline fuses as well.

    What is the smoothest means to ground all of this stuff?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Basically you need power wire (thick one 4GA or 2GA prefer) running from the battery to the back (where the amp and PC/PSU will be) to a distribution block. From the Distribution block, split it out to 2: 1 for the amp and the other for the PSU (Opus). The wire from distribution block to the devices (amp/psu) doesn't have to be as thick as the one from the battery.
    Also you need a short and thick wire for GROUND. How long this wire is depend on where the amp and PSU is to the bare metal part of the car that you can bolt to.
    Now you need at least, a VGA extension cable from the PC to the dash where the lcd going to be. 2 USB extension cable. One for USB CD/DVD ROM, the other you may hook to a usb hub for other usb devices (TS, GPS, MOUSE, .... )
    Now if you are powering the LCD off the OPUS, you need a Power/Ground wire from the PSU to the LCD. The same for the CD/DVD ROM.
    That's the basic idea. You can search the Show off your project forum for other people installation diagram and stuff.
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    This instruction being said... also plan for mistakes no matter how much you can research online and find out sizes there is always going to be something that you overlook or sized incorrectly.

    If your install is fairly normal, then you might find less mistakes but the more extravigant your install is the more mistakes you are apt to make.

    Here is an example situation: I planned on installing my OS onto a CF card last weekend and set aside time to do this, of couse the parts didn't arrive on time because of an "unexpected delivery error by UPS" and when I actually got my parts, I realized that something was .5" to large and spent the time during the weekend readjusting things so that my parts could fit...
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