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Thread: Problems installing destinator sdk

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    Problems installing destinator sdk

    Totally new to this, trying to install mapmonkey and destinator. when trying to install destinator it looks for a pocket pc which of course it doesn't find as its on my carputer. Consequently it just exits and none of the files (including the needed destdll.dll) are installed for use with mapmonkey. What am I doing wrong
    Any help would be appreciated

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    Only managed this with help the other day, are you trying to use the destinator PocketPC cd's?

    Install map monkey first if you haven't already then explore the second cd and put the map folders you need in the map monkey/destinator folder.

    you can now use it (assuming you have the right libraries had a pain in the arse with these) by launching mapmonkey there will be some blurb on the screen though.

    Have a dig about on the cd and or the forum for how to get the required dll.

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    nice one

    Cheers 273BeLow

    Works a treat, GPS here I come

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