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Thread: How fast does your computer boot?

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    My celeron 300a comes out of hibernate in about 45 sec, my old p200 mmx did a cold boot in 2:44 (M:SS) most of the more current hardware will be faster...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Osiris
    What are you running TimmyM and brady?
    Look in my signature.
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    I use a P3 1.0 and a 2.0 celeron, both with 512mbs ram, running stripped-down xp pro. I'm going from turn on to music in about 12-15 seconds using hibernation, and I haven't really dug that deep into windows. Just do the obvious stuff, turn off all the auto-update, restore point, etc.

    I find the music starts playing about 3-4 seconds before I see anything on the screen. By the time I'm sitting in the seat, put my belt on, check my vitals, and put it in gear, the music is playing and I'm off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimmyM
    You could be flamed like crazy, BUT you did ask your question in the "Newbie" area so I guess we'd have to let it go. I have a Celeron 1.1ghz with WinXP Tablet edition, and it is on par with Xdjklusivex. Actually 36 seconds from hibernation until music. Think I could look into why it takes so long but the 36 seconds doesn't seem to bother me enough to do so. It was twice that when I tried using a TV board, i never got any reception so I removed it and now it's back to 36 seconds.
    As I said. I also have 256megs of ram.

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    Well I just timed mine and it was 50 seconds from pressing power button until I could press start in XP. Slighly worrying since I thought it was quite quick - I would say that the bios boot was about 15 seconds then xp was the remaining 35! This is loading of an standard version of XP with an IDE harddrive. If I was to use a CF card with an nlited version of XP would there be a considerable difference? Thanks.

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    My M10000 takes over a minute to boot from scratch. But I hibernate it and it comes on in about 45 seconds. It doesn't bother me too much as it's usually playing by the time I've adjusted everything and begun to pull out of the driveway.

    I think the consensus is that a CF card doesn't really speed things up appreciably. It's the nLite install that helps the most.

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    my 1.7ghz come out of hibernate (thanks to my new hibernate hack....didnt have it before) about 18 seconds. Without hibernate it takes a good 40 seconds to play music.

    Edit: ok, realized that since I had reset my bios, the 1.7 mobile was being recognized as a 1.2 again. I fixed this and tested the speeds again. Comming out of hibernate is about 15 seconds. Cold boot is now exactly 30 seconds. Also at the moment I am running 256 megs of ram and not 512, doubt this makes any difference.
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    on a related note, how do i get my pc to load up the front end software and start playing when i turn on without having to click anything?
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    put a shortcut to the program into the startup folder on the start menu

    the function for the frontend to start playing music will be dependant on the frontend
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    can anyone with a super-fast boot-time (< 30 seconds) please post a video and some instructions ?

    on my epia M10000 it takes at least 5-8 seconds for the bios to start up, the harddisk and dvd-rom takes another 8 seconds, so its 16 seconds before windows xp starts booting.

    playing music after 20 seconds... i really like to see that.

    - superbowl
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