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Thread: Replanning CarPC

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    Replanning CarPC

    After being on this site for a while I decided I have to totally replan my carpc build. My only two goals for this project are to have navigation and DVD video under $600. I originally thought that an old PII 266Mhz processor would be able to tackle this, but after some feedback on here I realized that is not going to be good enough. So, I decided since im starting from scratch I would go Laptop instead of desktop components. This would save me the hassle of having to buy a shutdown controller since that can be setup in the laptop itself as well as everything being much more compact. So, I found an IBM PIII 800mhz laptop for a good price. Is this sufficient for my use? If not, what would be the minimum processor type/speed that i would need?

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    I'd say a PIII or any processor higher than 433 MHZ could process DVD's just fine.. in fact your 266MHZ idea probably would have been fine to process just dvd's... of course you want to throw navigation in there.. so your going to need a bit more power.. hence the recomendation for anything higher than a 433... if you know what nav. software your using then check the specs out for that and see what it requires..

    personally a PIII 733MHZ with 256 MB would handle anything you'd throw at it and maybe then some.. hope this helps sorry my ideas are kind scattered.. but i'm at work and no time to organize ideas !!!
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    my sony laptop which is only a 600Mhz P3 works just fine with DVD and NAV, just make sure you get 256MB of ram or you might run into some troubles.
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