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Thread: cutting computer case

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    cutting computer case to re-route dvd drive

    I don't really know too much about carpc's or computers for that matter, so please be patient.

    I wanted to cut a slot in side of a Travla C134 big enough for a slot load dvd drive. First of all, is this even possible - are there any mobo limitations in terms of taking a dvd drive, turning it 90 degrees, and mounting it that way? Or does it not matter, as long as the wire harness is long enough to connect the 2?

    Secondly, does anyone have any suggestions for this type of mod or what I should use to make straight, smooth cuts in a metal case - other than stop



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    Shouldn't affect it at all. Somebody's got a thread going about mounting a DVD drive upside down!

    You can cut a hole in the side of the case using a hand held jigsaw with a metal cutting blade (make sure the computer isn't in the case when you do this!). Start the hole by drilling it first, then fit the blade in. File down any uneven spots with a metal file.
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    I've found the best tool for cutting and sanding a pc case is the dremal. I use that thing so much it's not even funny. I just did a search on the case you mention and I'm curious if you mean you turning the case sideways with the DVD drive in it or your mounting the drive sidways is the case, cause I can't see how the latter is possible.

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    After a little more thought, I think Id like to attempt this project on a C156 instead. Due to its smaller size and integrated PCIMA slot, itd be perfect for my car.

    Travla C156

    To clarify things, I wanted to mount the computer standing on its side inside of my center console, with all the plugs facing towards the back. The front would be inaccessible, since Im planning on mounting the front of the case against the front wall of the console that is why I wanted to take the DVD drive and turn it 90 degrees, so that the DVD could pop out of the side of the case (which in this case would be the top).

    Do you think this will still be possible given these variables?

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    How deep is the center console? It may be easier (and cleaner because the wires would be hidden under the console) if there is room and you can cut a hole in the center console to acomodate the PC with the player facing up.
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    The area in the center console that I have sectioned off for the carpc is 7.75" deep x 3" wide x 10" long.

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