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Thread: Lilliput TouchScreen hookup problems

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    Well, there might be something wrong with the vga in on the lilli while still having functional power. That would be my first idea. Try it on a computer that you know has a functional vga and let us know what happens.

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    might help

    I'm a newbie, but had the same problem. Long story short I set my bios settings to lcd, my res. to 800x600. My screen came up no vga signal.
    So I took my computer back into the house and could'nt get a pic on my lcd monitor in my house either, considering that I had just put some new programs in from my house 10 mins ago, I figured it had to be the new setting(lcd) but now I could'nt even get a pic to change my settings. So I had to reset my cmos. This worked I got pic back on my house lcd. Then I went back outside and it also worked on my lilliput. Like I said I'm a newbie and more of a try things till it works type of guy, but I thought I could possibly help. Good luck!!!

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