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Thread: I don't want anything to go wrong

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    I don't want anything to go wrong

    okay guys i just bought a 750w with 1500watt peakDC to AC Power Inverter.
    I'll be connecting a Compaq Ipaq 90w + Xbox. my amp is Coustic 700 watts dynamic power 2x100 watt RMS, built in crossover amp 220xr
    what does this mean RMS,Crossover?
    my first question:
    how to figuer out my wire gage also i don't know what is "gage" and how to measure it.?

    Can i do my wiring like on the pictuer??
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    RMS - The amount of continuous power, measured in watts, that an amplifier produces is called RMS power. The higher the RMS figure, the louder and cleaner your music sounds. When choosing an amplifier, the RMS rating is the power rating you should pay most attention to. Also, keep in mind that some manufacturers calculate the RMS power ratings of their amplifiers at different input voltages. For example, an amplifier rated at 100 watts RMS at 12 volts can produce considerably more power than an amp rated at 100 watts RMS at the more typical 14.4 volts.

    Crossover - Crossovers consist of both a high-pass and low-pass filter. Often used to keep high-frequencies from reaching a subwoofer, a low-pass filter allows only frequencies below the crossover point to be amplified. A high-pass filter allows only frequencies above the crossover point to be amplified useful for keeping low bass away from small speakers, so they can play more efficiently. Crossovers are usually listed as variable or selectable. Continuously Variable means the crossover can be freely adjusted to any frequency between the listed end points. Selectable means that you can choose from several preset crossover points.

    Definitions from

    As for wiring gauges, check out The site has a chart listing the various gauges, their load capacities, etc. So, find out the maximum load of each of your devices, add them up, add a little more for future expansion and then match that figure to the next highest guage wire.

    Yes, you can wire it up as in your picture but look around this site as people have come up with a lot of other ways.

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    Thank you for all this usefull info.
    HOnda Accord '94

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    i think a nice 4 guage wire would be good for you..with a distribution block running out 8 guage to the inverter and amps. you should be good to go. remember to ground both the inverter and amp in the same spot to reduce noise.

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    hahaha -

    the higher the RMS ratings the louder and cleaner the music sounds...

    wow - crutchfield never amazes me with their abilioty to COMPLETELY dumb everything down...

    there is SO much more that goes into clean music than a HIGH RMS power fact, in general, higher RMS ratings are about the last thing you look at when looking for a clean sounding

    but, in general, i think you get the gist of the response.....try a search next time....

    your questions have been covered before, and you will learn a lot more in searching than you will in just asking questions.

    BTW - welcome! be sure to take a bunch of pictures of your install and the finished product. Post them in the project section so we can all see how you went about your install, since they are all different!

    again, welcome!
    Jan Bennett
    FS: VW MKIV Bezel for 8" Lilliput - 95% Finished

    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!

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