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Thread: Question regarding power, etc for new setup.

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    Question regarding power, etc for new setup.

    Hello everyone,

    I just received the Xenarc in-dash VGA screen I ordered exactly a week ago(thanks! Great service!). I am planning on installing it this weekend, along with my p4 1.5 extra laptop have lying around.

    My question is regarding power. I would really rather just get a power supply that plugs into the cigarrette lighter, rather than running something to the battery through the firewall, etc. Is this a good idea, when all I'm really powering is the laptop?

    I've read through many of the threads here, but could not find something specifically on this issue. I'd really appreciate any help. Thanks!


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    targus and other people sell laptop adapters for the cig lighter. you should be ale to run one of those.

    I wouldn't do it myself ... but that's just me.

    You'll still need to power the LCD. If it comes with a cig adapter you could use it, otherwise you'll have to figure something out.
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    I asked the same question a while back... Some think that is fine, others swear up and down it will cause a fire in your car. The truth is, as long as you have enough current but not too much, your'e fine. I am going to run my mac mini and lilliput off of a 12v 10A lighter plug. This isnt any more power draw than a laptop, so Im not worried. When I install an amp and subs...then I'll have some wiring to do.

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