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    Quick Question

    I'm going to be building a car pc in a few months but i have a quick question?

    I want my car pc to be like a factory installed type unit, Like all i really want is to have navigation and to play my audio files, that's it.

    So what specs would i need to be able to do this nicely and it run smooth and things, and i want to be able to have sirius sat radio, so any help would do, im totally new to this.

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    i have a p2 motherboard with ram cdroms and all with power asking 40 bucks plus shipping for it. it is 400mhz which i believe is enough for mp3 playback with navigation. i know mp3truckin has a slower system than this and his is working fine.

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    you could probably get by with a 300mhz celeron, but for the size I'd get an Epia series motherboard/CPU combo
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