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Thread: Ready to install and wiring knowledge is Low

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    Ready to install and wiring knowledge is Low

    Well I have been searching and reading to figure out how to install this car pc and frankly I am at a point where my lack of wiring knowledge is holding me up.

    I have a ATX board with a P4
    1 800 watt amp for the subs
    1 500 watt amp for the door speakers
    1 4 port usb hub
    1 Audigy 2NX
    1 Xenarc 7" touch screen.

    Everything works great but now I have to power the thing I guess even after reading tons of posts I just don't get it. Could someone help me out with a wiring set up?

    I want the system to com on when the ignition is switched on, but I would like to delay the amp start up as I want no thump. I also want to power my Audigy 2 nx and USB hub. Again when the car goes off these need to shut down.

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    Look in here Schematics/Pin Outs/Diagrams in the hardware development forum - they have basic de-bumping circuits in there but its more wiring im afraid

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