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Thread: Can you connect a PC to a Kenwood/Clarion/Pioneer etc DVD screen?

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    Can you connect a PC to a Kenwood/Clarion/Pioneer etc DVD screen?

    Hi all,

    I am really new to this - sorry if the question is ridiculous but I can't seem to find the answer.

    I would like to connect my computer to an aftermarket DVD headunit (so I can run GPS etc.) - is this possible?

    Or do I have to use a dedicated screen such as Lililliput / Xenarc?

    Thanks for your help!

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    This is regarding touchscreen capability:
    Any ideas for help?
    Now talking about actual display, it all depends on two factors:
    a) does an aftermarket dvd unit of your choice have AV input connectivity?
    b) does you carputer motherboard/graphics card have TV out?
    if both answers are "yes", then you can connect your carputer to your DVD unit and use it for viewing carpc output.

    But the question stands: Is it worth it? The answer is IMHO "NO".

    To find out the reason ask yourself a question: Why would I want to spend 300+ USD for DVD unit and 500+ USD for carpc if:
    a) its one of the most wanted features of carpc to play DVDs
    b) you can get 7,2" TFT PAL/NTSC display for 100+ USD. Such screen will output picture of same or very similar quality (understand: very crappy quality) as the one found in your DVD player

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    Thank you for your help...

    I was just wondering what my options were - the advantage of a DVD screen is that you can get a motorized touch screen - Xenarc does not seem to be available in Australia...but yes I agree it is more costly...

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    how important is the motorized touch screen to you?

    if you take your time you can install a touch screen molded into your dash that can look pretty factory - my prevoius install had people looking all over the place becausae they couldn't figure out what the big deal was - teh screen looked factory, as did the mounting of the computer....

    Of the motorized touch screens I've seen, they all look flimsy and crappy, but that's just me...

    Think about it - for the price of a computer in your car (lets say $1000 if you buy everything new) you can have DVD, GPS, MP3, OBDII, etc. To be able to do the same with car stereo equipment, you are looking at $5,000 easily.
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