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I'm a little confused by the second paragraph. I decided to keep it down, because I have a 120mm fan blowing straight at the processor. It is kind of annoying, actually, because the air escapes out of the top, and if it is cold outside, this only worsens things. It's not that bad though, and nothing turning on the heater for a little bit doesn't fix. I like the level it is at. It is perfect for typing commands to winamp, and also allows me to hold hands with my g/f on top of it (aww, ain't that cute.) I'm going to install my screen where my radio is now. I thought about having it attached to the console, but I realized that that would be way too low, even if I raised it. I am also quite concerned about theft, and a built-in screen would be obvious to a thief, as most consoles don't have anything resembling a screen, and if they do, hey..easy money. I bought my console off ebay. One word of advice: Make sure you have enough room (in the console for the computer, and in your car for the console), make sure it's sturdy (think about how it's going to be in a few years. Those cheap thin plastic ones they sell at Walmart will crack from the sun in a few years, and might not survive construction). I got a deal on mine, for about 30 bucks. I did a lot of shopping around, and even considered building one. Luckily, all my planning paid off, as everything fit (almost) perfectly. The one issue I have is cooling. I am looking into ways to solving that problem

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By raising it I meant Adding a base - so it doesn't sit like 6 inches off the floor, but rather 2 feet off the floor. This gives plenty of space for components. Also - by adding a screen---

My console has a cooler built into it. It slides open to let you play with it. I want to modify this so it slides back and the screen is mounted flat in there, right at the surface. This would let me simply slide the cooler close to hide the screen. I want to keep the console looking semi-stock. I don't want cables hanging out of it - though a USB hub and a RJ-45 jack will be installed.