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Thread: Newbee Questions

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    Newbee Questions

    Ay everyone!, this is my first post as i have just recently brought my first car and decided it was time to get started on the carputer. Theres just a few little things that arnt clear to me so ill list what i have planned and yous'e can pick it apart for me

    Is the only dif between those ITX cases in the shop section and an ATX case the size? Im also guessing the ITXs will be running not as hot as an ATX would in the car.

    As my house is almost like a computer junk yard because of my dads computer business ill be able to chuck together an ATX comp for next to nothing.
    So from what i understand ill buy an opus 150 dc-dc power supply. Pull out the current PSU from the ATX case install the opus and hook it up to the motherboard and what not.

    Then the opus is connected to the battery and preferably with a fuse.

    Im planning on the Xenarc as i keep reading bad things bout the liliput, and i plug this lcd straight into the Opus for its power?

    The sound card connects straight up to the amp, and i plug the head unit into my sound card so i can still listen to the radio.

    Ill be running XP but a modified shell for quicker boot up/shutdown.

    I already have a wireless network going in my house so im planning on chucking in a wireless card so i can at least connect to my network when my car is in the drive so i can transfer files (mp3s, videos)

    Does this sound right? thanks for the help

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    diffinatly use a fuse(s) not probibly. Not only will they help save your equipment but they might also prevent your car from becomming a fireball.

    with everything else you have the right idea, you will have to search around more for detail.
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