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Thread: please comment on my proposed carPC

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    Yes, that's generally true. But the hibernate issue is one you want to watch for. I've got 512mb with the same Epia you're planning on using and it's fine. But it takes awhile to hibernate and resume. If I had double that, it would take longer.

    The Epia's no speed champ but it does just fine for the car. No need to overpurchase the RAM if you don't need to.

    Also, do you need 250 gigs for the hard drive? You can save some $$ if you go a bit smaller, particularly if you're using the freebie drive for the OS. Looks like your system cost is clocking in at $1400 before software.

    I also noted that you haven't budgeted for a keyboard and mouse. You may not be planning to have one with the touchscreen and all, but just mentioning it.
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    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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    Me too. Too much RAM 256 is okay but 512 is perfect for carPC use especially you only use a few apps at the same time.
    You don't need 2 HD. Just buy one big one and partition it into 2: one big for media, and one small for OS and apps. Keep in mine that the PSU is limitted on it output. 150W is plenty of power for the VIA, but there are other devices as well.
    You don't really need a USB hub unless you are running more devices than the number of USB port the mobo provides.
    If you really want performance, go with AMD mobile CPU base.
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    If you're going for the MII, why not go the whole hog and get the 12000?

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    BTW. I did not know M-II has SATA interface, so either I miss your PCI SATA host adapter, or you miss piece of puzzle. Also, ECC memory will not work with M-II.
    Despite what the others say here, I think 256 MB of RAM is more then enogh, if you plan to take care of your OS setup a bit (assuming you want to run WinXP). For WinME, 128MB is just perfect, so for decent Linux install.

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    Sounds like a bit of an overkill, have you put much thought into what you are going to be storing on there, for example someone who wants to rip a lot of DVDs and store divx movies could easily use 70Gb to store 100 movies.

    But are you going to be using it for movies as your plan includes a DVD drive already so straight away you can save yourself nearly $200 by not going for the super huge 250gb HDD, you will never fill that up with music, You are including a CD and DVD drive, why not get a DVD RW and scrap the CD-RW

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    Quote Originally Posted by arig
    forgot to mention this is going into a 2001 bmw m3 coupe.
    Ouh. Think really hard about where to put things. There is very space in our cars and much parts move with convertible roof.
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    i plan on playing dvd's on the dvd rom. i have plan on loading up about 125 movies and another 30 gig's of music on the hard drive. i just use the multiple hard drives so that i dont have to reformat my hard drives with new movies and mp3's if my apps fail.

    i didnt know that ecc ram doesn't work with this board. i thought that amd mobile runs a bit hot, but im going to look into that. i just figured that since almost everyone i see on here is running a via m board, i might as well go with them.

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