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Thread: Kicker L7 Sub + XBOX = problem?

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    Kicker L7 Sub + XBOX = problem?

    i got my xbox right behind my kickerL7 which is in a huge box. Is the magnet gonna mess it up? i already had it in for like 2 days. If theres no problem now, there wont be later right?

    second question, my sub vibrates like mad.. it can set off every car alarm in a parking lto wen im stationary. Therefore, will my xbox mess up? the hd or ne thing?

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    i got a computer in the same setup.
    hasn't skipped a beat.
    I HIGHLY doubt magnets will be a problem. I stick rigs back there all the time *constant lan parties* never have any issues. The magnet is inside the box so it poses no threats.

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