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Thread: Power laptop from headunit?

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    I'm not sure how or why it failed. I had been using it in the car for about a week just to test things out and it worked fine then one day I noticed the laptop wasn't being charged when it should and the power LED on the brick of the charger was not lit. And I'm not talking about heavy use, just the 15 minutes or so to each trip to and from work. Temperatures have been around 60 degrees (F) so that shouldn't be a factor.

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    loose connection?? maybe voltage difference in car... is the voltage always the same in your car? (each time u used it)
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    Do you mean a loose connection within the ferrite core? Because I've isolated the problem to that single piece and I wouldn't think there's much to move around in there.

    What exactly do you mean by voltage changes? I know it's not a constant 12v, that it ranges like most cars but the car charger is rated to take 11.75-16v so I would hope that all of the components of the charger could handle that range.

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