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Thread: anyone can teach me how to make a CARPC?

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    anyone can teach me how to make a CARPC?

    i want a car pc with screen, and i dont no how to build it...anyone tell me how to? use wut thing in wut?
    i have about 600 bucks...
    and i want a GPS for sure. i have a sony LABtop CDRW /DVD rom, 80GB harddrive,and i dont need XP system for

    i i dont have a screen yet....

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    Almost no-one here wil lteach you how, in one go. Look around the forums, and use your own ingenuity. If you don't know much about modifying/features of a computer - then this isn't for you. There are some people online here that wil lcome and isntall a carputer for you, for a hefty fee.

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    Wow. Again, just... wow.

    Well, at least this was in the right forum - kudos for that!

    chaolanren, to echo KyleYankan, you really need to read up as much as possible on these boards (esp. the "Newbie" forum). Figure out
    1. what you want
    2. what you can afford
    3. how the last two items can work together

    Come back when/if you have a specific question - there're lots of us willing to help out, but you have to do the legwork.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rubicon
    Wow. Again, just... wow.
    I know, it's amazing. twice in the same day

    Anyways bro, thanks for posting in the right forum but honestly do you expect to spoon fed all of your answers. Give me a break. Get real with yourself... If you spoonfeed a baby all it's life it will never learn to feed itself and when you are gone the now strangly large 35 year old baby will becasue he cant feed himself.

    So why would this place be any different. Count yourself lucky that you found this website. All your questions have been anwered on this forum.

    READ, you can do it.... i know you can, i have faith in you
    -Jesus- King of Kings Lord of Lords

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    Okay, here's what you do. You need help just figuring out what you need to figure out. Go here: Don't worry if you don't understand all of the terminology or the different steps. Just use the various boxes to feed search terms into the search box in the forum.

    You'll be surprised. After awhile, you'll start to get and understanding of the various components that go into the car system and you'll know what kind of questions to ask to get clarification.

    Also, head over to the "Show off your Project" forum to see what others have done. They will often list the components that went into their installation. You can also click on my signature and follow the "install" links to see how I did mine.

    Most importantly, stick with it and prepare yourself to do a lot of reading, consider your options carefully, and then buy your system and put it in your car. You can do it, but you'll have to do a lot of self-study.
    Quote Originally Posted by ghettocruzer View Post
    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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    You give no indication as to what specifically you need help with. If you want to use your laptop as your base, then do a search for........ "laptop" and see what hurdles others have had to overcome and how they have completed the installation.

    As far as the display is concerned, most folks seem to be using Xenarc or Lilliputs touchscreen, which will eat up (over) half of your $600 budget.

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    First question you need to ask I want to keep the stereo that I already have in my car *if you have one*

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    Lurk, lurk, lurk. Read, read, read. Lurk some more. Then read some more. Then join the forums. Then read, read, read some more. Then ask questions, and expect a few honest remarks.

    Then start doing your research before purchasing to include the following:
    - Defining exactly what you want the system to do (GPS, MP3, Relay controllers, etc.)
    - Do a wiring diagram for power/audio/video/etc lines
    - Ensure that your component selections 'work' together - how, by asking questions or researching

    And finally, after accomplishing all of this, research prices and make the purchases.
    Then you can start ripping into your car. If you don't have any skills in mechanics or electronics then get them. Go to school, teach yourself, surround yourself with friends that have a clue, whatever it takes to have a KNOWLEDGEABLE person doing it.

    Then install it all and have fun. Short and sweet. I have been working on it for around 6 months now without an install.

    It is a fantastic hobbie that will rock your socks off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chaolanren
    i want a car pc with screen, and i dont no how to build it...anyone tell me how to? use wut thing in wut?
    i have about 600 bucks...
    and i want a GPS for sure. i have a sony LABtop CDRW /DVD rom, 80GB harddrive,and i dont need XP system for

    i i dont have a screen yet....
    Sure $150/hr plus travel, and accomodations...
    I had a perfect quote to go here,
    but hell only knows what I did with it....

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