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Thread: Questions on In-Dash LCD Monitor Hook Up for a Beginner

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    Questions on In-Dash LCD Monitor Hook Up for a Beginner

    I purchased an In-Dash LCD Monitor (Composite). Its just the monitor, with no stereo reciever/cd player or anything. I want to hook it up to the empty din slot I have below my radio. I never messed around with behind the radio or behind the dash, so this is all new to me. I guess you can say I'm a total beginner when it comes to audio/video configurations. My first question is, how can I hook this Monitor up? Unfortunately, the little booklet that came with this monitor does not help. The wiring for the monitor is composed of 1 White RCA Composite Video input cable, One Yellow RCA Composite Video Input Cable, and 4 single Black, Red, Green, and Yellow wires. Since the LCD monitor is composite video only, and no sound, I'm not sure how I would hook this up. Is there a simple add-on attatchment harness connector that will allow me to connect the wires on this monitor and tap into the harness that connects to the radio? Is this what I need?: I would prefer this over splicing wires and connecting it. Also, would I need any fuses or anything?
    The monitor runs off the car's 12V Power. I plan on using this LCD monitor for my Xbox. I would plug the L/R RCA Audio cables of the Xbox into my CD Changer Aux-In adapter and run a single RCA Composite Video cable extension all the way to the front of the dash, into the LCD Monitor.
    Are there any other hints and tips that I should know when working on this configuration on the Passat? By the way, here is a link to the same type of screen I purchased:

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    Ummm....WHAT are you trying to hook it up to? The plan you described to hook it up to your XBOX sounded fine.
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