Well i buyed that type of inverter .

i've putted on my cars battery and measure the AC output ....always was from 190-205volts ...... never 220v but my cars was powering correctly .....

is there any problem with my inverter ?

where is the better place to connect the inverter ? directly to the battery or to cigarete socket?

another problem is that when i was driving , using cars lights , up/down windows .... my inverter was beeping because the DC voltage input droped near 10,5 .

sometimes because the inverter has an internal circuit battery protection ..... when the dc input volts droped down 10,5v , rapidly cut his ac output......so my pc reboots.....

what's the sollution ?

i dont want to buy a DC - DC power suplie ....

i've read many post inside the forum , but i didnt cleared my problems

what's y's suggestions?


Sorry for my english ..... i'm from far Greece