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Thread: Sound quality from soundcard to amp?

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    Sound quality from soundcard to amp?

    if i rig up the sound card out to an amp to the speakers, how is the sound quality on it? if its stereo out? or would it be better if i get RCA out? because they don't put out as many volts as a decent headunit does, so i was wondering how the sound quality would be. and which would be better

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    I use stero mini to rca's. I'm using the audigy 2 nx and have heard that the voltage is actually higher than a head unit. Anyways it sounds good like that. Dont worry about getting a sound card with rca out.
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    thats good to hear, however, due to the lack of space, i was wondering if there is a good PCI soundcard that would give good sound quality and a decently high voltage.

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    the audigy 2 nx pci, and the audigy 2 nx usb both have 2vrms outputs... thats yer average deck, sounds fine i suppose for me, specially since my card-to-amp cables are 3ft long and shortening

    if i saw a sound card with more volts (like some of those eclipse headunits), i'd buy it up in a second

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    are there any other sound cards with 2v outputs? and what is the average voltage output for low value sound cards, or integrated suond cards?

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    What do you think guys about that?
    Is it better than the audigy 2?I want to buy that but i don't pretty understand all these parameters

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