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Thread: Adding Sony PS2?

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    Adding Sony PS2?

    I've done a few searches and couldn't find out how to do this, I only found responses for PS2 keyboards and mouse installs. But how would I add on a Sony PS2 to a carputer? Would it matter if I got the Xenarc Touchscreen or non touch screen? Thanks in advance.

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    Most screens have beside VGA input a regular video input, which can be selected on the screen,
    My PS2 works nice on my ITX 7" TS, allthough I haven't installed it in my car.
    Maybe I will some day for the back passengers, but I would use a separate screen for that.

    Anybody knows if there are 12v-8.5V dc-dc convertors available for the PS2 in the car? Or is an inverter the best way to go?

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    Ok, that is what I thought, but I just wanted to make sure on it. I actually a PS1 poower cigarette lighter plug, and I think it will work with the PS2, because I know you can switch Power Cords inbetween PS1 and PS2

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    there something called a capture card. i seen it searching ebay. it should work.

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    Im going to do the same thing later well almost im going to put in an xbox for the passangers.. So it will be the same set up really

    What im going to do is install an inverter and run the xbox off of that to power the console up..

    I was going to use a capture card to but i decided that would be too much hassel.
    If you want to do it that way you will need a reasonable spec pc (might be wrong on that) as most of my low spec pc i have used use to crash on me when using a capture card. Still if you want to use a capture card you have to install the capture card, install the software then getting the capture card to capture video and sound from the PS2/XBOX

    Anyway the way im going to do it is use the inverter and plug the PS2/Xbox into that. I will then have a cable from the PS2/Xbox to 3 RCA lead, The video cable will go straight to the screen (most screens have a RCA input) and the other 2 which are left and right sound ( you probley know that anyway ) to a equalizer like this one
    then wire the equalizer to the amp.. I will then be able to turn the vol up and down on the equalizer with out the PS2/Xbox going though the pc

    I think that is going to be much easyer to do and the pc doesnt even have to be on

    That equalizer looks quite good as it has two inputs... can also plug the pc into as well and flick between them both

    hope this makes some sence kinda tired lol

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