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Thread: How's this setup look

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    Question How's this setup look

    Any comments on this setup would be greatly appreciated or if you know blatantly something will not mesh please warn me. I'll be running it with XP Home. Again any help is greatly appreciated!

    Keep in mind I would be updating to a DC to DC Opus 150watt Power supply most likely.

    Micro Atx form factor case (link)

    FoxConn Mobo (link)

    Athlon Xp 2800+ (link)

    512Mb DDR333 (link)

    40 GB 7200 RPM HD (link)

    DVD Drive (link
    ~H. Charles

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    Could someone also explain the advantages of inverters vs DC - DC supplys?
    ~H. Charles

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    Looks like a good setup to me. Dont forget a GPS receiver if you want that and a sound card if you want to hook amps up later.

    From what i have read thus far an inverter is harder to regulate power on. And power spikes off a 12 volt source can fry your computer. Inverters arent very effecient either. Your normal desktop PSU already runs on DC current. So an inverter goes from DC to AC and then back to DC in the PSU.

    DC - DC is far more effecient and easier to regulate. The disadvantage though is they arent very powerfull. To get a good idea of how much power you need go to and use there calculator under tools option.

    Another option not many people mention on here regularly is a keypower DC - DC PSU. i think their's is up to 250 watts. But its only 60-65% efficent versus most other smaller DC -DC PSUs that are at least 90% efficent.

    Hope this helps

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