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Thread: Sound Problems with Carputer Setup

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    Sound Problems with Carputer Setup

    Hey I finally got all the components together for my Car-Puter so I did a test install today to make sure everything would work before I started customizing my dash. Here is my setup

    Pioneer DEH-P7600MP MP3 CD Car Deck w/ CD-RB10 for Aux Support
    Belkin AC Anywhere F5C400-300W Inverter
    Lilliput 7" TouchScreen Monitor
    Casetronic 2699R Mini-ITX CASE
    VIA EPIA MII10000 w/ C3 1Ghz
    80GB Hard Drive
    Slim DVD Rom
    1 GB Ram
    Linksis Wireless G Card Bus adaptor

    I think thats everything. Now the problem I'm having is that when I set the deck to Aux and nothing is plugged in there is no buzzing sound or static at all or when I simply plug it into the board and the CD-RB10 but as soon as I plug the audio wires in and then simply switch on the AC Anywhere (with the system still turned off) the buzzing begins. When I turn on the computer it boots fine and picture comes up on the screen but that aweful buzzing remains but I can still pick up the distorted sounds windows makes. Any ideas on what could be going on? I know I know I'm going to take some shots for using an inverter to begin with but I got it new from belkin for about $30. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I tried the ground loop isolator from Radio Shack with same problem. I also tried a $70 set of Monster Cables figuring it may be cheap cables and still same problem. I've sense grounded the Inverter to the car and to no avail.


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    I had no noise except for a ground loop when I was temporarily using an inverter. Then I switched to an M1-ATX (and then Opus because I got a deal) and I immediately had massive ground loop and RF noise. I wasn't too concerned because I'm not on the final motherboard yet so I figured I'd wait to start debugging problems. Well I finally realized it was mostly RF noise when I used my laptop in the car yesterday and could hear RF noise from the laptop through the car audio system. Grant you, the cable I was using from PC to Aux was pathetic.

    I went to RS and bought the ground loop isolator, and a nice set of shielded cables. Plugged in the ground loop isolator (not using the shielded cable) and BAM....silence. It fixed the RF noise and the ground loop.

    I would say lose the inverter, get a DC-DC power supply, and then worry about troubleshooting. You have a nice EPIA-M setup, why use an inverter at this point. The M1-ATX is tha shiz-nit.

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    Best place to start, I agree, is a new power supply. Chances are good that your noise is coming from the invertor. If a proper PSU doesn't remedy the issue, then the RCA cables may be picking up noise somewhere, though that is generally more a problem with the engine running than with the car off. You can run an extra RCA from the computer to your source unit without routing it through the car and if the noise stops then you have a bad cable or have routed the existing cable through a noisy area. Wires carry an electromagnetic field around them which can introduce noise into a system if signal cables are routed near, the issue worsens near high current wires (i.e., amplifier power). If that still doesn't fix the problem, then try to ground all the components to the same location on the chassis - a paint free, solid steel location to bolt the ground terminal. Sometimes system noise can be a real hassle to track down... Good luck!

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    Grounding needs to be better... I can relate to the noise, I'm using a Blaupunkt head-unit myself with Aux input, except that I chose the Opus PSU over an Inverter... So make sure you're grounded nicely and properly to get that noise away!
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    I pulled by car up close to the house and used the outlets on the side of the house and there was no noise whatsoever. I wish I could get this damn inverter to work at least for the time being until I can order an opus or M1. I've opened up the inverter should I ground the metal chasis inside the case or should I run a wire straight from the ground on the power plug itself inside the inverter?

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    I got an inverter from Costco. I think it was $75. It's 1500 watts and is really quiet. The fans only comeon when they need to and even then my computer is louder that the inverter. I don't get any noise, it sounds great. Its a Xantrex inverter like this one. If you can't find it at Costco, they are about $95 on ebay.
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